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The idea for the PowerCab came when a friend was moving houses within a few months and didn’t want to buy a Hi-Fi system. The small Bluetooth speakers he owned drowned out in his large living room whenever people were over and he never saw the sense in getting a Hi-Fi system because of the setup required only to dismantle it later. At the same time he loved music and entertaining people. We would always feel the burn after coming back from a concert where we wanted to continue listening to great music but the speakers just wouldn’t allow it. So we thought if we could build a Bluetooth speaker that could fill up his room and compete with leading Hi-Fi systems we might have something.

Very quickly we realised no small speaker was going to manage the task. So we began deeply researching multiple methods to create a High fidelity audio experience.

Having worked in pro studios our requirements for sound quality are very high. Studio monitors provide an incredible amount of clarity detail required to produce music. So naturally some of the best studio monitors were automatic reference points for our own sound quality. The journey soon became a quest to develop the best Bluetooth speaker possible while keeping price reasonable.



The joy in creating this system was having total control of each individual element from materials to components as well as design. Audiophiles know that there is a constant search of matching the right amp with the right speakers. From speaker enclosures to amplifier designs right down to cables and room position. Every little detail matters.

Committed to a ‘Sound Quality Comes First’ approach. We do not believe in building systems with fancy aesthetics that have lacklustre sound quality. Every decision taken in our design process revolves around sound quality. Each component is put through rigorous testing and must meet a high standard of requirements to be integrated into the product. If a design or component doesn’t improve the sound quality or compromises it in any way. It is instantly rejected.

Tuning the box and getting each component to shine together was a long, tedious yet rewarding challenge. Our endless search for the best sound quality led us to try a number of different techniques and variations. After months of tweaking and multiple rejections we arrived at a design excelled at delivering a high quality audio experience.

Once we brought it to our friend. He fell in love with it instantly! Word of mouth took over, one friend after another began recommending it to someone and orders started flowing in. Next thing we know media outlets were giving stellar reviews  and very quickly we began ramping up production and here we are today.

We truly are proud of the BT PowerCab’s performance and love the fact that it keeps so many of our customers happy! 

We love the research and development it takes to deliver a high quality audio experience and are working on a variety of projects coming soon in the near future.


Renor Audio

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