Great Sound, Great Times

Now enjoy theatre sound quality in your living room!

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Bring The Party Home

Who says you need to go to a club!

Sound Quality Comes First

Nothing Else Matters

Renor didn’t want to compromise on quality and was always clear on this. Musicians and recording studios were approached to get their advice so we could build the best bluetooth speaker which excelled at providing an unbeatable audio experience. After months of tweaking and rejecting designs, Renor finally came up with a sound system, the BT PowerCab, which delivered on its sole promise- Sound Quality Comes First.

Locked and loaded with all the right features!

For the Audiophile in you!
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  • Powerful Bass, Dynamic Mids, Sparkling Highs

    Designed With Professionals

    Customised state of the art drivers such as an 8” woofer & 1” silk dome tweeter work together to create the sonic signature.

  • Clarity & Detail

    All Wood Construction

    Achieved through our advanced acoustic architecture. Every element from the drivers, to the electronics and the even the shape is angled and placed in a specifically calculated manner.

  • Advanced EQ

    DSP Technology

    Both analog and digital techniques are utilised. Dual ports improve overall bass response. Specialised circuit designs and digital signal processing combine to enhance the frequencies that naturally excel with the design. 

  • Bluetooth aptX

    Wireless Bluetooth Streaming

    Prevents any loss of quality during streaming. Maintaining a crystal clear signal path from source to output.

Media Accolades

“The first thing you notice when you play something on the Renor BT PowerCab is the thumping bass. In fact, there's an abundance of it and bass heads will totally dig it.”

“The high-fidelity Bluetooth speaker is powerful and delivers measured, quality audio”

“The BT PowerCab blew away our expectations as it had a great sense of space that’s coupled with some stellar, powerful bass and shimmering highs.”

“Talking about the sound quality, I am very impressed. Because it produces all the frequencies in a very balanced manner.”

Renor’s Aha! Moment

How We Came To Be!

Very often we came across bluetooth speakers online which got drowned out and were expensive. We, at Renor, wished to rectify that. So began our journey of developing a bluetooth speaker which could fill up the room and compete with the leading Hi-Fi systems in the market

Renor was very clear- “Sound Quality Comes First” and wasn't ready to compromise here. Musicians, sound engineers and recording studios were consulted for their expertise. After several modifications wherein any part that didn’t improve the sound quality was rejected, the BT PowerCab was designed

We, at Renor, are proud of our “home-grown” invention and are positive you will fall in love with them too once you have heard them!

To know more about us, click on the link below!

Our Story

Make Renor a part of your lives!

  • Feel the Thumping Bass

    Renor bluetooth speakers are custom designed to stream uninterrupted music that fills every room of your house. Most importantly, the music doesn’t get drowned out by the crowd! Bring the club home and party to the thumping bass all night long!

  • Use In Multiple Settings

    Use our speakers at a dance studio or gyms or cafes, they will blow you away with their clarity. Each beat of the music will be heard and its wide design fills the whole room with the sound without drowning out the conversations being held!

  • Theatre Sound Quality

    With Renor, you can experience a theater sound quality while in the comfort of your own home! With most movies releasing on streaming platforms, don’t miss out on the experience and enjoy all the sound effects! Watch your family jump in fright or dance along to the movie’s tracks!

  • Now See What You Hear

    Missing your favourite bands? Tired of listening to your favourite music on your small sized bluetooth speakers? We hear you, loud and clear. Bring home the Renor BT PowerCab and experience better sound imaging and separation. It will feel as if the whole band is playing in your living room!