Great Sound, Great Times

Introducing the BT PowerCab

A High Fidelity Bluetooth Speaker

Sound Quality Comes First

  • Powerful Bass, Dynamic Mids, Sparkling Highs

    Customised state of the art drivers such as an 8” woofer & 1” silk dome tweeter work together to create the sonic signature.

  • Clarity & Detail

    Achieved through our advanced acoustic architecture. Every element from the drivers, to the electronics and the even the shape is angled and placed in a specifically calculated manner.

  • Advanced EQ

    Both analog and digital techniques are utilised. Dual ports improve overall bass response. Specialised circuit designs and digital signal processing combine to enhance the frequencies that naturally excel with the design. 

  • Bluetooth aptX

    Prevents any loss of quality during streaming. Maintaining a crystal clear signal path from source to output.

  • Bring The Party Home

    Who says you need to go to a club!

  • Exceptional Performance In Multiple Settings

    From bedrooms and living rooms to gyms, dance studios and even conference halls. The BT PowerCab delivers in each environment.

  • Designed In Synergy

    Engineers, designer and pro musicians come together with a single goal of building the best bluetooth speaker.  


An imposing bluetooth speaker that offers style as well as substance for a breath-taking audio experience.

To sum up, the Renor BT PowerCab is one of the best home-grown bluetooth audio speakers we have come across in a while. Clearly, this is a speaker with a thought.

The first thing you notice when you play something on the Renor BT PowerCab is the thumping bass. In fact, there's an abundance of it and bass heads will totally dig it!

The PowerCab is a stylish and new-age Hi-Fi Bluetooth speaker that gives room-filling, high-quality sound.

The Renor BT PowerCab is an amazing Hi-Fi Speaker. You can shoot all the bass-heavy sounds in the world, and it handles them exceptionally.